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Is your loved one addicted? People may or may not know that they are addicted. Addiction is unpredictable. Whether it’s unemployment, stress, rejection, failure in life or broken relationships, there are many aspects that lead to addiction in a person’s life. We at Trucare Trust, A Best Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India help you to defeat addiction and eliminate it from your life totally.

Before kickstarting your therapy with us, take a virtual tour of the Best Drug Rehabilitation centre in Pune, Trucare Trust. Reach out to us for support and care at Trucare Trust. We understand addiction from its core and that is why Trucare Trust is the Best Drug Rehabilitation centre since its inception.

To fight drugs you need to understand how they affect you. It’s no secret that drugs affect your mind but understand it can give you some comfort and power to overcome drugs in the right way with the Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India. We motivate you to keep moving forward when the time is tough.


Addiction is a psychological or physical need to take or use something to the point where it could be harmful to you. In simple words, it is a psychological need to habit-forming substances such as alcohol or drugs.


There are many reasons why addictions begin.

Alcohol, nicotine and drugs affect you both mentally and physically. These feelings are enjoyable and create a powerful urge to use that substance again. Addiction gets out of control because you need more to satisfy a craving and achieve a “high”. It is easier to carry on with addiction so long as the cycle continues. Being addicted to something for a long time and then stopping it suddenly can cause you to “come down”. It is termed as “withdrawal symptoms” in scientific language.


The effects of addiction are of wide range and profound. People react very differently to drugs or alcohol. Though people react very differently, one situation that holds well for all drug addicts is “COMPULSION” to drugs.

In true essence, all drugs have a negative impact on the brain. One important psychological effect of drug addiction and alcohol is the “CRAVING” of the drug. When drugs are ingested, inhaled, injected they reach the bloodstream through one method or other. Here is where it causes the “Blood-Brain Barrier”, An incredible membrane that protects the brain. This is when it turns dangerous to your health system. The drug interaction with the brain makes it addictive.

Different drugs have different actions on the system.

For example

Alcohol works on three levels of the brain, a neurotransmitter GABA, Glutamate and Dopamine

Stimulants can excite your body and heighten your system.

Psychological Symptoms:

  1. Mood swings like depression, anxiety and anger
  2. Confusion of mind
  3. Hallucination
  4. Blackout
  5. Loss of memory
  6. Personality disorder
  7. Reduce the thinking capacity of the brain
  8. Loss of senses
  9. Self-destructive behaviour
  10. Loss of interest in activities

Physical Symptoms:

  1. Increased blood pressure
  2. Increase heart rate
  3. Increased breathing
  4. Increased sweating
  5. Increased hunger and thirst
  6. Excitement
  7. Palpitations
  8. Changes in weight
  9. Bloodshot or glazed eyes
  10. Loss of balance


Drugs can create havoc in mind and body and can be dreadful. We understand the addiction the best and that is why Trucare Trust is the Best Rehabilitation Centre in India.

It’s important to know how rehabilitation centres help and what makes us the Best Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India.

  • OVERCOME drug addiction: Eliminate the “C” CRAVING AND COMPULSION: Yes we help you overcome this. This is our top priority in our therapy.
  • OVERPOWER the drug addiction: Take you out from the influence of drugs: After the stage of overcoming, we help you overpower the drug with your originality.
  • RECOVER: Take you to the power of recovery which will help you deal with yourself and see the positive aspect of life
  • RESTORE: We help you restore all the important functions of your body once you have recovered from drug addiction in a healthy way.
  • REBUILD: We help you rebuild your future so that you do not get the relapse of the drug addiction
  • REDISCOVER: We help you rediscover yourself, A new normal life which will help you to build a better tomorrow.


We understand addiction from its core and more than that we understand the actual way of rediscovering the new you by overcoming and overpowering the drug addiction in you, restoring your energy levels and rebuilding your future so that you do not get a relapse.

We understand Rehabilitation the best as mentioned above and that makes us the Best Rehabilitation Centre in India.


We work from the root cause of addiction. Our professional experts eradicate and eliminate drug addiction for the present as well as a better future.

Our therapies are multidimensional and scientific which give a rational approach to drug addiction. We are the Best Rehabilitation Centre in India because we have set new dimensions to the therapy treatment for drug addiction.


BT: Behavioural therapy

CBT: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

REBT: Rational Emotive Behaviour therapy

DBT: Dialectical Behaviour therapy

MFT: Multidimensional Family therapy

PCT: Person-Centred therapy

CT: Contingency therapy

MI: Motivational Interviewing

IT: Integrative approach

POWER THERAPY: A combination of two or three therapies created a Power Therapy for drug addiction. It deals with engaging the addicts in the programs beneficial for self-care, holistic healing, yoga, spiritual therapy, mindfulness so that they can regain their true POWER of self-healing. That’s what is Trucare Trust about and makes us the Best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai.

Our Power therapy works the best and this makes us the Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India.


Luxurious and spacious Air-conditioned rooms.
Positive energy and vibes.
Nutritional meal plan.
A professional counsellor
Personalized care and attention
Daycare facilities like music, sports, yoga, holistic healing and many more.
Engaging programs: Engaging the addicts in self-care management.