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Indoor Plants & Pots

Indoor plants and greenery can truly brighten up a space and increase its feel-good factor. An additional benefit is of course an improvement in air quality. After all, who doesn’t want purer air and what better (or easier!) way to get it than with a few well-placed houseplants?! At Shady Gum, we offer a huge variety of houseplants to fit every home’s décor, style and budget. Choose from hanging vines to beautiful orchids, ‘lucky’ money plants to maintenance-free cacti – at Shady Gum, there’s something for everyone!

About Us

We have been helping Victorians grow great gardens for 35+ years, continuously adding to our product stable and improving our services. From the moment you walk into our gardening centre, we guarantee that you will be treated like a member of our Shady Gum family. And we don’t believe in taking shortcuts to maximise our profits. Everything we do is purposeful and our purpose is to create beauty. Our greater goal is to bring nature closer to you and help you create a beautiful space where you can rest, relax and simply be yourself.

Caring for Plants

Here are some great ideas brought to you by the gardening experts at Shady Gum:

  • Water your plants regularly but don’t overdo it! Talk to a gardening expert to know how much is too much
  • Make sure your plants get plenty of sunlight
  • Fertilise!
  • Keep your indoor plants away from air vents
  • Weeds are often the enemy of garden plants. Remove them and any dead or diseased plants
  • Use organic compost to add nutrients to your garden but again, don’t overdo it!
  • In your outdoor garden, don’t place your plants too close together or they’ll end up fighting for space and nutrition!

Happy Clients

Don’t stress yourself over prettying up that Garden. We promise to make it “Perfect” for you!

Green Lives

Greener Lives means happier lives. Some metros have a ratio of four men to one tree! We help reduce this disdainful ratio bit by bit.


We believe “there’s something for everyone at Shady Gums’. We have got the just the right product for you.

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