Things to Keep in Mind Before Opting for a Spa Facial

When one thinks about spa they usually think about massages. The newest trend which is slowly catching up in the beauty industry is facial spas. Just like facial treatments, facial spas are an overall cleansing procedure for the face. A spa facial helps the skin to de-clog and rejuvenate. Spa facials are still not widely available because they require expertise and specific materials. There are many kinds of spa facials according to the concern and the skin type. One needs to opt for the right spa facial in order to get desired results. Take a look at some of the points to remember before selecting a spa facial.

  • Skin type

Before opting for a particular spa facial, you must know your skin type. Not all spa facials are meant for all skin types. Some are right for oily skin while some are apt for dry skin. Moreover, some people also have a combination skin. It is vital to know the composition of your skin type in order to go for the right spa. Each spa facial is designed with certain ingredients which help a particular skin type.

  • Go with a clean, without makeup skin

When going for a spa facial make sure you are not applying any makeup or creams. Spa facial is primarily meant for cleansing, so in order to get the desired result, it is necessary to keep the skin away from other chemicals. The reason behind keeping the skin bare is that if the skin has any creams or makeup, then its ingredients might react with the facial materials. The reaction can sometimes also lead to rashes and other skin hassles.

  • Avoid outdoors

It is advisable not to face the sun after a spa facial because the immediate exposure to UV rays can lead to skin damage. Moreover, the skin is very vulnerable for it has been cleaned thoroughly. The ingredients of the facial are still getting absorbed in the skin and some of them might not act well in the presence of the rays. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid outdoors directly after a spa facial.

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