Not everyone is happy with the way they look. For many, their skin colour may be the culprit. “I’m just too pale”, “I look anaemic” are just some of the many reason we have heard people complain of. And what would they give for a beautiful burnished tinge to their skin. Tanning salons have made it possible for many to get their desired skin tone, even if just for a while.

Before you opt for one, however, here are some tips you need to be aware of:

Ask how long it lasts

If you decided on getting a tan for an upcoming event, you definitely should consider the amount of time the tan is bound to stay. If you have gotten it more than a week in advance, the tan will be well on its way, ready to bid you a goodbye. Instead, plan your tanning session by asking the tanning salon how long the tan is bound to stay to calculate when you can get yours done.

Exfoliate before you get a tan

If you have flaky skin and ignore the need to exfoliate before you opt for a tan, you will be very disappointed with the results when, after the flaky skin is off you, the tan seems uneven. In order to ensure that the tan is evenly sprayed, it is best to exfoliate your skin hours before you visit the tanning salon.

Keep your skin moisturised

This is yet another tip you need to remember if you’d like to keep the tan on for long. By applying a lotion every day to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised, you can make sure the tan stays for a longer time than usual.

Dab your skin dry instead of scrubbing after showers

After you have showered, keep in mind that scrubbing yourself dry might tamper with the tan you have gotten. Dabbing your skin dry using a soft towel can definitely do the trick instead. Also, make sure you avoid loofahs or any other rough washcloth you generally use so that the tan doesn’t wear off in places which can make it look blotchy.

By taking the advice of experts and visiting the best skin clinic in Berwick for a tan spray, you can avoid a great deal of mess and get the best results too!