The primary application of Magic Colors and the most promising one is that in Sanitation products used in cleaning of Ceramic Floors, Ceramic Sanitary ware, marble and granite surfaces, etc. The successful application of Magic Colors in domestic cleaning solutions was first implemented by Hindustan Lever Ltd to avoid piracy and adulteration. The product gained nation-wide popularity and became a household name in a short span. Since then, many consumer applications running parallel on this concept have been developed. Some other popular applications of Magic Colors are in Optical Brighteners, Dish-Washers, etc. The demonstration below shows the use of pH Indicator as a voluntary confirmation of cleansing and disinfection of the surface to be cleaned.

**This information is for illustration only; It has been developed under strict laboratory conditions. The user should test and verify that the ink works for their particular application. the ink is application and technique sensitive so it must be tried on the actual use. Applications are only limited by the imagination and include advertising and promotional applications.**

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