Conventional soaps used for hand washing do not indicate whether the soap has been used for an appropriate amount of time for the process to be effective. As a result, hands are often washed for too short an amount of time for the process to be effective in cleansing hands. Properly washing your hands is one of the best ways to prevent infection and the spread of diseases. A halochromic handwash composition can indicates whether hands have been washed for an approximate predetermined period of time. The hands are washed until the foam changes color. The color change authenticates the termination of germs/bacteria on the skin. Halochrome technology is one of the most easy, convenient, and inexpensive approach to facilitate effective hand washing.

**This information is for illustration only; It has been developed under strict laboratory conditions. The user should test and verify that the ink works for their particular application. the ink is application and technique sensitive so it must be tried on the actual use. Applications are only limited by the imagination and include advertising and promotional applications.**

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