Most of the daily office document printing is always limited to temporary reference, (say for presentation or study purpose). These printed papers eventually find its place in the dustbins or paper recycling machines. An enormous amount of paper waste is generated each day. What if we could re-use the same paper on the next day for same purpose? That too, without recycling or any treatment. How easy it would be the put the same paper back in the printer and start fresh printing? Imagine the savings on your paper costs. Imagine the millions of trees that could be saved from being axed.
Not just that, imagine how much a Medium to Large Scale organization would save its cost on paper recycling. It takes about 204,000 joules to make a sheet of paper. That's about the same amount of power required to run a 60-watt light bulb for an hour. Recycling that same sheet of paper takes about 114,000 joules. Thats like running a 60-watt bulb for 25 mins. This dual advantage of "Paper-cum-Energy Saving" come at the cost equivalent (or may be less) to the present conventional printing counter-parts.

How it works: Any script printed on the document with the eco-friendly ink, will fade away in 24-48 hrs making the paper colorless again. Also, the time frame can be adjusted from 24 hrs to a number of days. The inks are available in blue, purple and violet\

With one such discovery, the human race can devise a comprehensive way of giving back our Mother Nature, what we invariably misused for thousands of years.
**This information is for illustration only; It has been developed under strict laboratory conditions. The user should test and verify that the ink works for their particular application. the ink is application and technique sensitive so it must be tried on the actual use. Applications are only limited by the imagination and include advertising and promotional applications.**
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