Smart diapers are developed for to give a convenient visible indication of their soiled, used condition and readiness for discard. The smart diaper yielded a readily visible indication that it had become soiled and moist in use and was ready to be discarded without being manually checked several times.
How it works?
Specifically, the smart diaper comprises disposable articles comprising an absorbent pad disposed on a translucent back sheet of water impervious material with a Halochrome as a moisture-actuated indicating agent.

The indicating agent is a dry, finely divided solid and adheres to the absorbent pad and the back sheet by mechanical and electrostatic action. The Halochrome comprises a water-soluble pH Indicator , in this case, Bromophenol Blue with a diluent masking agent like talcum powder.

The smart diaper when placed in position on an infant, the absorbent pad was exposed to body waste fluids from the infant and wet through, a clear blue color was observed through the back sheet in the area where moisture-actuated indicating agent was applied to the absorbent pad.
**This information is for illustration only; It has been developed under strict laboratory conditions. The user should test and verify that the ink works for their particular application. the ink is application and technique sensitive so it must be tried on the actual use. Applications are only limited by the imagination and include advertising and promotional applications.**
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