World COPD Day 2014 – Dr. Sabir


Dear Friends
COPD day brings start of winter in northern part of our country.
Winters are worst for COPD patients, but with little care & prevention serious sufferings can be avoided: together for betterment of respiratory health in India. It’s a two way communication –
– Start using winter clothing little heavier & earlier than normal family members.
– Avoid direct exposure to cold air while traveling.
– Avoid going out of home in the late night and early morning.
– Spent some time in bright sun when ever you are free.
– Take bath with warm water.
– Increase in severity of breathlessness, cough, expectoration and change in its colour indicates increase (exacerbation) in diseases, Immediately consult your physician.

Successful management of COPD needs consultation with physician , cooperation of family members & friends and above all cooperation of patients with his strong determination & desire to lead an active life.
A COPD patient can do many things through which he can feel better & prevent worsening of disease.
1. Stop smoking with determination with the help of your doctor ,friends & family members
2. Do not switch to E-cigarettes, as their effects on the lung are unknown.
3. Tell friends and family members that you are trying to quit and ask them to keep cigarettes, lighter, ash trays clothes with smell of cigarette smoke away from you.
4. Go to the doctor at least two times a year for checkups.
5. Consider taking vaccines with advise of your treating physician
6. Know what to do if your breathing gets bad.
Plan ahead with phone numbers, directions to the doctor, and other information in one place so you can act fast if necessary.
7. Keep the air clean at home.
Stay away from things like smoke and fumes that make it hard to breathe.
Open doors and windows when you are cooking and when the air inside is smoky or has strong smells.
8. Keep your body strong. Walk, exercise regularly, and eat healthy foods.
9. If your COPD is severe, get the most out of your breath. Make life as easy as possible at home.
In the kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area, put things you need within easy reach.
Find simple ways to cook, clean, and do other chores.
This year few more auspects of COPD are being covered by leading pulmologist of our country.
I Am sure they will be beneficial not only for COPD patients but also for their near and dears who “cares for them”.

With love and regards
Dr. M.Sabir
Indian Chest Society
Editor ‘Public Forum’