Introduction of ICS

Dr. J. K. Samaria

Headquarter of the society
C/o Dr. J. K. Samaria, Hon. Secretary,
Plot No. 36-A, Kabirnagar Colony,
Durgakund, Varanasi-221005. INDIA
e-mail:, Tel: 91-542-2310333

Indian Chest Society is a front line organization of qualified Chest Physicians of the country. The Indian Chest Society was formed in the year 1980. A few foresighted respiratory medicine specialists couriered the idea. The lead was taken by Dr. S.R. Kamat, the then Chief of the Department of Chest Medicine at the K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai. The core group involved in the planning and promoting of this society consisted of Dr. P.G. Kamath, Dr. J.C. Kothari and Dr. A.C. Shah from Mumbai, Dr. C.V. Ramakrishnanan & Dr. C.N. Deivanayagan from Chennai, Dr. K.J.R. Murthy from Hyderabad and Dr. Samir K. Gupta from Kolkata. The office of the society headquarters started functioning from K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai. The main objective of the Society was to generate and disseminate the knowledge on respiratory medicine and to give the medical fraternity interested in this specialty, a common platform to discuss and put forward their views. The first National Congress on Respiratory Diseases (NCRD) was held in September 1981 at the Hotel President in Mumbai. In 1999, the NCRD congress held by the society was merged with the yearly conference held by the National College of Chest Physicians NCCP (I), and thus was born the first NAPCON, held in New Delhi. NAPCON 1999 was hosted by the ICS in New Delhi, with Dr. J.C. Suri as the Organizing Secretary.

I am happy to inform you that Indian Chest Society is regularly conducting the Training Programme for Pulmonary Technicians in Spirometry at eight centers across the country, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Jaipur, Lucknow, Nagpur, Indore and New Delhi in the month of January and February for last 5 years. So far society has trained more than 1300 candidates as spirometry technicians successfully, and given them a certificate of competence. Society has planned to continue and enhance this important activity more vigorously by adding more centers from this year. This is a unique service which Indian Chest Society is providing for upbringing technical know how in the specialty of Respiratory Medicine.

Indian Chest Society is determined to act as a promoter for the academic and training activities in the field of respiratory medicine in the country. For last 4 years we are regularly conducting training course in Respiratory Critical Care at Chennai and Mumbai, which is attended by large number of Chest Physicians and Postgraduates. The program has been well appreciated by all the participants. We are determined to further extend this training programme in future for the benefit of the physicians in different parts of the country.

I am pleased to inform you that Indian Chest Society starting a unique programme for Short Term training of Young Chest Physicians for 6 weeks in Pulmonary Medicine at some of the advanced center. The society will provide beside training opportunities and a token grant of Rs.20,000/- to each candidate selected for this Grant. This programme will start from February 2014 and for the first year Coimbatore and New Delhi was selected for the training purposes. To start with, society has planned to arrange this grant for 4 Young Chest Physicians two each centers.

I wish to inform you that the official journal of Indian Chest Society, Lung India is being published with new flavor and enriched scientific content regularly under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Virendra Singh, Jaipur. I am happy to inform you that the Lung India is already indexed in Indian Medlar and Pubmed. Its all previous issues are also available on Pubmed. I am pleased to inform you that citation index of the journal is 0.81 which is better than many prestigious medical journals. Lung India stands at 119 ranking and having huge National and International viewership.

I am again happy to inform you that Indian Chest Society from this year, already started its unique programme of giving the financial assistance to young Chest Physicians for attending the International Conferences of ACCP, ATS and ERS. This grant will encourage young scientists to present their research work at international meetings. The travel grants consist of Rs. 50,000 (for ATS and ACCP International conferences) and Rs.35,000/- for ERS International conference along with complimentary registration which is being offered by the International Societies. This is one of the very important encouragements to young Chest Physicians to present and promote their research work in the International Conferences.

Indian Chest Society is determined to act as a promoter and stimulator for the research activities in the field of respiratory medicine in the country. In the pursuing the same a multi-centric research project on diffuses paranchymal lung diseases at 36 centers in the country under the leadership of Dr. Virendra Singh from Jaipur. The research project is perusing very well

I am happy to inform you that in its pursuit to give newer dimension to the specialty of Respiratory Medicine, Indian Chest Society along with NCCP(I) have successfully completed a project on the development of Indian Guidelines for the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in the month of February, 2013, which was published and available for the benefit of physicians and chest physicians of the country. I am further delighted to inform you that Indian Chest Society along with NCCCP(I) has decided to take-up the project for the development of Indian Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of Asthma in Adults in India, which the society is take-up in the month of March, 2014.

I am further delighted to inform you that Indian Chest Society is continuously increasing its international presence and has marked its presence at almost all the important international conferences including American Thoracic Society Congress at Philadelphia in the month of May, 2013 and European Respiratory Society at Barcelona, Spain in the month of September, 2013 by putting up its booth. The booth of the society at all international conferences is acting as a meeting point for all national and international delegates including NRIs. A flag of tri-colour at the booth gives a feeling of pride to all the delegates of Indian origin. I am happy to inform you that many international delegates have joined the Indian Chest Society at these booths.