Introduction of ICS Public Forum

ICS-Public Forum ( was started in 2014 with the objective to increase awareness about magnitude, detection, management & prevention of pulmonary diseases amongst general public, not to encourage self medication and induction of treatment.

This awareness may help in propagating the message to health planner & executors, to stress the need of development of pulmonary medicine, in form of infrastructure, diagnostic tools, teaching, data collection, and research, availability of affordable treatment & inclusion of more respiratory diseases in national programs.

Website contains articles covering major respiratory problems in English & Hindi, from leading pulmonologist of India and some leaders of profession. Depending upon the facilities, in long term it has been planned to translate articles in major Indian languages.

Web pages are easy to read, easy to share on facebook, instagram, or any social media platform. Just type ICS LUNG FORUM in GOOGLE and 1st Link will open the website. Website is designed in WORDPRESS, which makes it much dynamic and better UI/UX experience for users and editors as well. It is very easy to edit any content and section of website by the ADMIN of website.

It is an humble effort of Indian Chest Society aimed to educate public about respiratory diseases. Success of this mission depends on your active cooperation in form of your articles, suggestions and guidance.

An overview

Website started on15th. Oct. 2014
Number of articles35+
Number of messages from former & present office bearers of Editorial Board15+
Number of words847500
Number of visitors (morning of 1st. April. 2021)136763
Visitors – Average per day100+/day
LanguagesEnglish & Hindi
With regards
Dr. M. Sabir
Founder Editor, ICS-Public Forum
Dated – 01.04.2021