Dr. Sudhir Chowdhary

Dr. Sudhir Chowdhary

President Indian Chest Society (2019-20)
Former Adl. Principal & Medical Suprintandant
Former Professor & Head, Institute of Respiratory Sciences
Govt. Medical College, Kanpur (UP)

Dear Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to see the progress of ‘ ICS- Public Forum ‘ in increasing awareness amongst the general population through dissipating the information and education about respiratory diseases in Hindi as well as in English.

I am sure that our general public as well as nursing students will be benefited from this information.

I request chest physicians of our country to contribute articles on different aspects of important respiratory diseases and make the Public Forum an important website for public awareness and search engine for respiratory ailments.

I wish to congratulate Dr. M. Sabir for making tremendous efforts to create and smoothly run the forum for the awareness and health of general public