Dr. M. Sabir

Dr. M. Sabir

Indian Chest Society (2013-14)
Vice President, ICS, 2011-12
Editor, Public Forum, ICS-Website
Former Member, Faculty Council,
Indian College of Physician, API
Professor & Head, Department of Medicine,
MAMC, Agroha, Hisar
Former Professor & Head, Respiratory Division
Dept. of Medicine
SP Medical College, Bikaner

Dear Friends,

It is my pride privilege to be the ‘President’ of this prestigious society-Indian Chest Society (ICS). The aim of the society is to contribute towards betterment of ‘Pulmonary Medicine’ in India through bringing all the chest physicians of India on one platform. For the last 30 years Indian Chest Society (ICS) is doing the Herculean task of dissemination of knowledge on Respiratory Medicine amongst chest physicians for better patient care.

In developing countries respiratory diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma, COPD, interstitial lung diseases, lung cancer and many more are responsible for sufferings, burden on family, and significant loss of man hours, school days and human lives every year.

Many of these diseases are preventable by improving nutrition,hygiene and sanitation, immunization, controlling pollution, smoking cessation and many other such measures. Increasing awareness about disease helps in early detection, proper treatment and prevention of many dreaded diseases to save many lives and prevents human sufferings.

‘Public Forum’ of ICS is a humble effort in this direction. On behalf of all the members of ICS, I convey my sincere thanks for taking interest in the contents of web pages & valuable suggestions.

I am hopeful of your encouragement through viewing the website and sending your valuable comments and queries.

Despite the continuous efforts by the Chinese authorities to control the Corona virus from spreading is showing no result. Millions of people stuck in their houses and hospitals struggling to accommodate the patients due to lack of beds and medical facilities. According to the authorities, the death toll and those infected might keep increasing.

The new corona virus is highly transmissible, spreads in ways that are not entirely understood and will be difficult to squelch. A single infected “super-spreader” can infect dozens of others. Outbreaks can seem to recede, only to rebound in short order, as the weather or conditions change.

World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern’ (PHEIC).

As per WHO reports common signs of corona virus infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties

It is important to prevent spread of this dreaded infection as till date there is no definite specific antiviral drug and vaccine available against Corona virus.

The disease mostly spread by human to human transmission. Measures like avoiding visiting China for sometime till the havoc is over. We should cooperate & help government agencies in isolating suspected persons coming from China, as many Indian students are perusing their studies at China and many Indian tourist & businessman are visiting China, and this country is our next door nabour.

In addition to avoiding contacts, standard recommendations to prevent the spread of coronavirus, includes regular hand washing, covering the mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and thoroughly cooking meat and eggs.

Till date three cases (fortunately no death) have been reported from our country.

Please visit useful article on Corona Virus written by senior pulmonologist Dr. Khilnani (recently updated on our web pages) having many useful information about this infection.

With regards
Jai Hind