Dr. M.Sabir

Dr. M.Sabir,MD

Vice President, ICS, 2011-12
Editor, Public Forum, ICS-Website
Former Member, Faculty Council,
Indian College of Physician, API
Professor & Head, Department of Medicine,
MAMC, Agroha, Hisar
Former Professor & Head, Respiratory Division

Dear Members,

welcome you all to the first issue of ‘Public Forum’ of Indian Chest Society’s website. For the last 30 years Indian Chest Society (ICS) is doing the Herculean task of dissemination of knowledge on Respiratory Medicine not only amongst chest physicians but also trying to bring together the medical fraternity interested in respiratory medicine at common platform to share their experiences and acquire knowledge for better patient care. In developing countries in addition to infectioteous respiratory diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia, many non-infectioteous respiratory diseases like, asthma, COPD, interstitial lung diseases, lung cancer and many more are responsible for sufferings, burden on family, and significant loss of man hours, school days and human lives every year.

Many of these diseases are preventable by improving nutrition,hygiene and sanitation, immunization, controlling pollution, smoking cessation and many other such measures. Increasing awareness about disease helps in early detection, proper treatment and prevention of many dreaded diseases to save many lives and prevents human sufferings.

Members of Indian Chest Society are committed to render best possible respiratory care, with limited resources all over the country & abroad. ‘Public Forum’ of ICS will try to make humble efforts in this direction through these columns. Success of this effort will depend upon your encouragement and interest through viewing the website and sending your comments and queries.