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Latest Articles

2018 Article Smoking

BURNING BIOMASS FUEL & LUNG DISEASES Dr. M. Sabir Delhi chokes on smoke from neighboring states A study by IIT Kanpur listed stubble burning as the third Highest contributor to Delhi’s winter air-pollution, afterconstruction dust and vehicular fumes. DELHI Updated:[...]

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Sleep Apnea

SLEEP APNEA Dr Rajesh Swarnakar What is Obstructive sleep Apnea in Adults? Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common problem that affects a person’s breathing during sleep. A person with OSA has times during sleep in which air cannot flow[...]

Author: Dr. Rajesh Swarankar

Place: Nagpur

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Swine Flue

KNOW SWINE FLU Dr Surya Kant,MD (On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 6 for swine flu which is the highest alert level. This alert level means that the swine flu[...]

Author: Dr. Surya Kant

Place: Lucknow

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Lung Cancer

Dr. Navneet Singh Dr. D. Behra (On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization raised the worldwide (Lung cancer is a serious life threatening disease of lung, strongly related to tobacco smoke. Early detection is important for decreasing suffering and[...]

Author: Dr. Navneet Singh & Dr. Behera

Place: Chandigarh

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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Dr. Vijayalakshmi Thanasekaraan Dr. T.Linga devi MBBS MRCP ( UK ) This will be presented as a case scenario: A BE graduate enters our hospital Emergency Room (ER) at 5.00pm and says his brother, Mr.X, 55years of age felt giddy[...]

Author: Dr.Vijayalakshmi Thanasekaraan & Dr.T.Linga devi

Place: Chennai

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Smoking Habit in India

Smoking Habit in India Dr. M. Sabir There are evidences suggesting smoking in India has been known since at least 2000 BC, when cannabis was smoked and is first mentioned in the  Atharvaveda. Performing ‘ home’ (fire offerings) and ‘dhupe’ (fumigation) are mentioned in the Ayurveda for medical purposes and have[...]

Author: Dr. M. Sabir

Place: Bikaner

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